Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen
Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen




Quest (JP), Enix (US)


Hayato Matsuo


Super Nintendo


Tactical Role-Playing Game

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is the first Ogre Series game to be released and is the 5th chapter in the story. It is the first game to be designed and directed by Yasumi Matsuno in the series and is a map-scrolling RPG, making it also somewhat of an RTS game. Both Person of Lordly Caliber (chapter 6) and Let Us Cling Together (chapter 7) take place after the events in this game.

It was released on the Super Famicom, Super NES, Sega Saturn and the Playstation. Only the SNES and Playstation ports ever made it to American shores, and the SNES version of the game is extraordinarily rare and costly. Re-released as "Ogre Battle: Limited Edition" on the Playstation in the US, one could find it for around $50 on auction sites.