Lans Tartare
Vital statistics
Class Soldier/Player influenced/Death Templar
Gender Male
Race Lodisian
Faction Rosolian Dark Knights
Alignment Lawful/Player influenced
Element Earth/Player influenced

Lans Tartare, born Alphonse Tartare and later going by Alphonse Loeher, is a Knight of Lodis and the right-hand man of Pope Saladin. He functions as main antagonist of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and as the main character of Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Born Alphonse Tartare, he hails from the Felis region of Lodis. He begins using his mother's last name, "Loeher", as his own. A friend of Rictor Lasanti, he is eventually joins the military and is assigned to Rictor's forces, who receive a mission to solve a political crisis on the island of Ovis.


He is separated from the rest of Rictor's forces on the way in, and is found washed up on the Solea beach by Eleanor Olato. He is accompanied by Ivanna Baatral, and the two reunite with Rictor's forces. Placing much faith in his friend's potential, Rictor splits his forces in two and allows Alphonse to lead the second group, who will stage a diversion at Vespa Hill and attack Formido Fortress from the front. His own group will circle around and attack Formido from behind via Gryllus Forest.

Alphonse takes Formido, but Rictor is nowhere to be found. He is captured by Nichart, the right-hand man of Naris, lord of Ovis. Interrogated and left to die as the tide in the dungeon rises, he is saved by Cybil Alinda, who obtains the services of his unit in exchange. Cybil and Alphonse make their way to Cape Urodela, attempting to find a way to the mermaid sanctuary of Rana to obtain Longicolnus, the Sacred Spear. He meets back up with Rictor, but does not rejoin, believing himself to be in debt to Cybil. No boat will take them there, so they are forced to travel by foot with Bison Swamp, while Cybil stays in Urodela. Alphonse successfully brings back information from Rana, and Cybil releases him for her service. Despite this, Alphonse opts to remain her ally, legitimately wanting to help Cybil's cause.




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