Destin Faroda is the protagonist of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen and a supporting character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.

Destin Faroda
Destin Faroda image1
Destin "the Valiant" as seen in Ogre Battle 64
Vital statistics
Class Lord
Gender Male
Age 27 (born August 29)
Race Zenobian
Faction New Zenobian Kingdom
Alignment Player Influenced
Element Player Chosen


Hero of the Zenobian Revolution. Was chosen by fate to overthrow the Holy Zetigenian Empire. As a seer, Warren saw this and appointed him leader of the Zenobian Revolution. Liberated the continent of Zeteginea from the rule of Endora, and stopped Rashidi's plan to summon Demundza.

After the Revolution, Destin immediately left for Palatinus to halt Lodis' plans to invade Zenobia. Assisted Frederik Raskin in forming the Palatinean Revolutionary Army. Played a large role in swaying Magnus Gallant to turn coat and join the Palatinean Revolution. Two months later, left the Revolution because the original goal of removing Lodis from power had changed. Began monitoring Lodis' activities once they entered Palatinus. Traced Richard to the Temple of Berthe, and found that he was trying to obtain the Ultimate Power. Destin and Gilbert dueled with Richard and Baldwin, which kept them occupied long enough for the Blue Knights to destroy the temple. Soon after, joined the Blue Knights. After the Palatinean Revolution, and after stopping the Caliginous Order's plans, headed for Nirdam to liberate it from Lodis' control.


The main protagonist in Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen. A recruitable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.


In Mission 29: Gules Hills - Go to Kurashino with Magnus to talk with Destin. If Aisha, Saradin and Debonair are with you, Destin will join your battalion, as well as Gilbert if you have a high chaos frame.


"... For myself, I follow my heart!" (to Magnus Gallant following Destin's leave of the Revolutionary Army)

"He who places himself in battle, is forced to battle against himself at all times..." (to Magnus Gallant during the bad ending with Destin in your party)


In Ogre Battle 64 Destin's choice of weapon is the two-handed greatsword, carrying the wind-elemental Sigmund as his default weapon. Despite this Destin is depicted wielding a fire-elemental weapon, the Iscandelvey, in any cut scene in which he actually draws his weapon.

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