Branta Mown
Branta Mown image1
Vital statistics
Title Bishop
Gender Male
Race Bacrum
Faction Kingdom of Bacrum Valeria
Health Varies
Level Varies
Status Deceased
Location Heigm Castle

Branta Mown is one of the major antagonists in the game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.


Originally a Bacrum commoner, Branta worked his way up to the ranks of nobility in Valeria. When King Dolgare had an affair with the queen's servant, Manafloa, she ended up getting pregnant with his daughter (who was going to be named Bersalia). However Queen Bernarta eventually found out and Manafloa fled. She gave birth soon after and died. Branta gave the child to his brother Plancy and told him to raise the child as if she was his own daughter. Not soon after, Branta reported the results of what happened to Manafloa to the queen and was rewarded and promoted to Bishop of Valeria.

Years later, Dolgare's son died and the queen passed away from a disease. Dolgare was plunged into a state of inner turmoil and became desperate in finding a way to resurrect his son and wife. He couldn't find a save to save his family and not soon after died as well. With no heir, the Kingdom of Valeria entered a state of turmoil, however Branta saw this chance to take over the throne of Heigm. He asked for the support of the Roslolian Dark Knights of Lodis to help him take over Island and formed the Kingdom of Bacrum-Valeria. The Dark Knights however, did not allow Branta to take control of the southern regions: Gargastan and Walsta and was forced to hold back.

Denim's group eventually kills him during the Batlle of Hegim Castle near the end of the game.


Branta is one of main antagonist in the game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and the uncle to the game's main protagonist Denim Mown.


Branta is the boss of Scene 54 Heigm Castle part 3 in the throne room. He wields the sword Penetent and has 6 terror knights and 2 sirens with him during the battle. He will also summon unlimited amounts of angels knights to assist him during the battle when you kill off his soldiers. Do no use undead during the battle since he is equipped with the spell exorcism.


“Denim! My nephew! It's not too late! Bow to me and let us rule Valeria together as uncle and nephew!”

“So what! A commoner like me can't gain power by living by his beliefs. Sometimes you have to deceive people! Denim, the world is not a fair place. People are unequal from the day that they are born! ...But complaining about my family background won't change anything. I would rather fight! I will fight to achieve everything I want! Didn't you get to where you're at by fighting? Your status is based on blood and sacrifice! How can you blame me for what I did?” ( to Denim right before the battle in Hegim Castle Throne room)


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